Joint Vetch Seed, 5lb

The Wax Company

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Aeschynomene, also known as deer vetch or American joint vetch, is a food plot plant that appeals to deer, turkey, rabbit and quail. Deer vetch or Joint vetch is best suited for moist, fertile soils in food plots as it is much more tolerant of wet conditions than drought. It is known to have moderate shade tolerance.

  • warm season annual legume that is grazed heavily by deer from mid summer to early fall
  • very high quality forage; protein averages 20% and it is about 70% digestible
  • plants can reach 3 to 5 feet tall when mature
  • tolerates heavy grazing so you can plant it in small acreage food plots
  • attractiveness will persist into the fall months until first frost making it a favorite of bow hunters
  • 10lb per Acre

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