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We are launching early with pick up only for now. Standard online purchases will be available soon. Please call if you would like us to prepare an order for you. 

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Most products we carry are available at both locations, but not all. The Wilmer location has a greater selection of feed & seed as well as bulk. The Grove Hill Location offers more hunting & fishing supply. We can get what you need to either location.

The G&D Farms has two locations, two specialties

G&D Farms manufactures top quality horse, cattle, chicken and deer feeds by growing its own wheat, soybeans and oats. 

Already third generation farmers with regionally acclaimed race horse feed, the family expanded in 1980 to produce a range of feed products. In 1998 the current owners Lee & Starla Davis developed the business into a full feed & seed with hardware and farm supply. The Tanner Williams location offers expertise in livestock, farming and hunting.

Working with Adam Anderson, Lee & Starla opened their second location in Grove Hill in 2009 and expanded it in 2016. Grove Hill specializes in hunting and fishing.

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