Trokar Flippin Hook, 4pk

Trokar Flippin Hook, 4pk

Eagle Claw

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These are uniquely surgically sharpened three sided hook points, making them twice as sharp as any other hook on the market. Proven in tests to penetrate with half the pressure required for other leading hooks. This process precisely grinds the three sides of the hook point using a high speed, computerized grinder designed for surgical needles. Trokar bolstered the wire diameter of the hook and used a unique tempering process, specifically tailored to bring out the maximum strength potential of the ultra high carbon steel Q741 wire. The result is a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook sets and intense fights, as well as, just the right amount of flex to resist breaking. These hooks are perfectly engineered for flippin' and pitchin' presentations, delivering maximum penetration and strength for a significantly better catch ratio.

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