Screw-In Worm Weights, Black

Screw-In Worm Weights, Black

Bullet Weights

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These are specifically designed for anglers who like to peg their weights when using a Texas rig. Each sinker features a small corkscrew device embedded into the bottom of the bullet which anchors the plastic bait to the weight for a nice one piece presentation. This eliminates the need for pegs toothpicks and rubber bands which can cause line damage. The molded in plastic line guide prevents the line from twisting around the corkscrew bait holder when applying the bait. This features prevents line damage that could cause a break when you set the hook on a big fish. The plastic line guide also makes it easier to attach the bait straight assuring proper action in the water. The PermaColor baked on paint job makes for a long lasting chip resistant finish.

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