KENIC Medi-Tar Dog Shampoo, 17oz

KENIC Medi-Tar Dog Shampoo, 17oz

Glo-Marr Products, Inc.

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  • For dogs only

  • Contains a veterinary formulation of solubilized coal tar USP and natural aloe

  • Soothes itchy skin or inflamed areas of the skin caused by hot spots, seborrhea and non-specific dermatitis

  • Will not stain light coats

  • Pleasant scent

  • Natural and effective

  • Soap and detergent free

  • Will not strip the coat 

  • Can be used with spot on flea treatments 

  • Eco friendly, packaging is recyclable

  • KENIC is animal friendly, does not promote testing on animals

INGREDIENTS: Kenic Medi-Tar Shampoo contains deionized water, surfactant blend (coconut base shampoo), solubilized coal tar USP 2 percent, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, D and E, glycerin (soothes the skin), EDTA (aids ingredients in blending), apple extract, DMDH hydantoin (preservative). Alcohol free and contains no animal by products.

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