Kale, Dwarf Siberian Improved

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Heirloom Non-GMO

This extremely cold-hardy Siberian Kale, which originated in Russia, has flat, broad, deeply-cut and ruffled blue-green leaves which grow on long, succulent, sweet stalks. A heavy frost just improves the flavour of these large, hardy rosettes which reach about 60cm (24") in diameter at maturity.

Forage Kale are great incorporated with other brassica plants like radishes, collard, turnips, etc. Because most brassica plants are winter hardy, Kale is often used as a winter crop. When planted in the fall it can withstand a cold winter.                         Plant 7-8 pounds per acre when planted as a single species.                                    Plant 2-3 pounds per acre when mixed with other crops. 

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