Easter Egger Chicks

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The Easter Egger chicken originally came from Chile in South America, discovered by the Araucana Indians. The true pure Araucana chicken is rumpless (tailless), has a small curling tuft of feathers next to each ear and comes in different pure color types. The true pure Ameraucana chicken has a tail, full beard and comes in pure color types. The Easter Egger chicken is different because they have a full beard under the beak rather than a tuft and have a tail rather than rumpless and do NOT have pure color types. Cackle Hatchery's breeding program objectives for the Easter Egger chickens are to produce chickens with a wide variety of feather colors, patterns and feather combinations of colors with a full beard under the beak and high egg production of colorful egg shells. It should be noted that this breed has an inherent genetic beak issue, 1 out of 100 chicks as they grow may have some variance in severity of scissor beak/cross beak. 

  • Egg shell colors: blues range from pale to dark, various shades of green, a few are light brownish/pink
  • Medium to large egg
  • The meat is delicious and it has a taste similar to quail
  • Great chickens for backyards, chicken coops, larger chicken houses and free range
  • 250+ eggs per year

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