Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste

Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste

Dr. Naylor

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Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste prevents horn growth on calves, sheep, or goats.

Active Ingredients:
Calcium Hydroxide & Sodium Hydroxide.

Directions For Use:
Apply Once All Animals: Be careful to apply a thin, even coating of Dehorning Paste, and only as directed. Remove hair over horn button (bud) with shears or clippers in order to see that application is in the right place and in direct contact with the skin. To help contain the paste, prior to application, form a ring of Dr. Naylor Udder Balm or petroleum jelly just beyond the Paste application area. If treated calves are confined in pens tie them away from other animals to prevent rubbing paste on each other. Do not allow freshly treated animals to nurse until paste has dried. Keep treated animals out of rain for at least 6 hours after Dehorning Paste has been applied.

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