Bekaert High Tensile Smooth Wire, 4,000ft

Bekaert High Tensile Smooth Wire, 4,000ft


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  • High tensile wire is made with steel rod which has a carbon content of approximately 0.28%
  • The increased carbon content in high tensile wire significantly increases the wire is strength and reduces elongation. Because of these improvements, it is possible to replace low carbon wire fencing with high tensile wire fencing of a smaller diameter.
  • High tensile fencing is easier to install because of its lighter weight and requires fewer posts during installation than low carbon fencing. Once properly installed, high tensile fences require little maintenance and remain tight for years. Low carbon fences require regular maintenance and will stretch and sag over time.
  • With high tensile fencing, you can build a longer lasting, low maintenance fence for nearly half the price of a conventional low carbon fence.
  • 12.5 Gauge
  • 4000 feet
  • 200,000 psi

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