Bermuda Seed, Hulled & Raw

Bermuda Seed, Hulled & Raw

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Common Bermudagrass seed is used for pasture, hay production, erosion control, lawns, roadsides and many other uses. It is adapted for a wide range of soil types from sandy to clay soils. This bermudagrass is best adapted to the lower 1/3 of the US on well drained sites. It is very drought tolerant but still can stand flooding for short periods. Makes a coarse general purpose lawn and is still planted for lawn use throughout warm season areas. Also the least expensive grass variety you can plant from seed. Planting from seed is the most cost effective way to plant bermudagrass. Hulled seeds are seeds that have part of the protected seed coat mechanically removed so as to speed up germination percentages. 

Seeding Rate:  5 - 10 lbs. per acre

When to Plant:  Spring & Summer

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