Tink’s Doe-P #1 with Mini Bomb, 1oz

Tink’s Doe-P #1 with Mini Bomb, 1oz


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Living up to the reputation of America’s #1 Buck Lure, Tink’s #1 Doe-P is a must have this season. Tink’s #1 Doe-P features a distinctive smell that makes deer curious. Simulating the scent of a new doe in the area, this formula is aimed to please and acts as a great all season lure especially during bow and post rut seasons.

A Tink’s Mini Bomb is included for ease of use. Unscrew the lid and simply fill the Mini Bomb with lure. Lift the wick by the wick hanger and hang (the bomb will suspend from the wick). When the hunt is over, push the wick back into the bottle and screw on the lid.

  • Perfect cover scent
  • Simulates the smell of new doe in the area
  • All season lure that attracts both buck and does

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