Sweetlix Rack Deer Block, Poured Molassas, 25lb

Sweetlix Rack Deer Block, Poured Molassas, 25lb


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SWEETLIX® Rack™ Deer Blocks should be offered year-round. They are formulated to provide essential supplemental nutrients and minerals needed by deer. Deer blocks may be buried and covered with loose soil. Deer will find the blocks and come to them as they would a natural salt lick. If blocks are to be fed in areas where domestic livestock are pastured, place the blocks in rough terrain areas where cattle do not normally graze. Deer watering areas are ideal locations to place blocks. Do not feed additional salt when using the Rack™ Deer Block.

  • Naturally palatable to deer
  • Supplies energy and minerals that result in bigger, healthier deer
  • Extra energy beneficial to antler growth
  • Available in 25 lb. biodegradable box

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