Rackmaster Elite, 25lb

Rackmaster Elite, 25lb

Pennington Seed

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Rackmaster Elite premium cool season food plot seed mixture was developed for whitetail deer to specifically increase body and antler mass, maximize the growth of developing fawns and improve the health of the entire deer herd. The combination of winter annual grasses, winter peas and brassica species along with perennial clovers and chicory attract and hold deer throughout the entire hunting season while providing year round high quality nutrition for multiple years without replanting. It features Pennington’s elite perennial white clovers - Durana and Patriot. These two clovers have wide adaptation to many soil types and climates, high protein and energy content and are easy maintenance in food plots. They tolerate acidic soil conditions and aggressively compete with weeds and grasses commonly found in many food plots. RapidResults seed germination enhancement technology promotes quicker emergence and stronger, deeper root growth. The result is a hardier and more productive food plot that will attract and hold wildlife in the area longer.

25lb. Plants 1/2 Acre

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